Vice Media’s CPO brings a background reflecting a ‘rich tapestry of diversity’

That all changed when she was asked to join HR as the company’s first head of diversity and inclusion. This was her first corporate lesson in sponsorship, Auger-Domínguez said. “Our CFO, a woman, was the one who put my name in the hat,” she said. “In her way, she was teaching me the corporate maneuverings of advancement.” Auger-Domínguez was reluctant to begin a career in HR, a huge change from her financial background, she said. But she was also the team member who liked attending “Black MBA conferences, Asian MBA conferences and Hispanic MBA conferences out of a desire to connect the human experience with what I thought could happen at Moody’s,” she said. Auger-Domínguez’s sponsor recognized her actions and saw in her the ability to become an HR leader with the skill sets to manage global workforces, she said. Auger-Domínguez accepted the challenge. But little did she know that years of HR experience would prepare her to lead during a pandemic. 

An eventful first month

At Vice Media Group, Auger-Domínguez leads a team of more than 60 HR professionals in over 20 countries, she said. Her team’s areas of responsibility include managing the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment and onboarding to compensation and benefits. There’s also learning and development, “delivering on business strategies through strategic talent decisions” and overall culture — “my team does all that,” Auger-Domínguez said.

But she hasn’t yet met her team or CEO Nancy Dubuc in person, only virtually. 

“I began interviewing in late March, a couple of weeks after we all went into quarantine,” Auger-Domínguez explained. The onboarding process took place remotely. “When I was interviewing for this role, Nancy was very clear and directional in terms of wanting to bring in a leader that was going to focus on culture and give continuity to the work that she had started about two plus years ago when she joined Vice Media Group,” Auger-Domínguez said. The organization has been undergoing a “transformation to create a healthier work environment to build a workplace where people feel proud,” and is also “driven by progressive notions of what an organization can be,” she said. 

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