Top 5 CHRO Executive Search Firms for Human Resources Officers

Human Resources Officers (or HRO’s) are a broad group of employees that cover a variety of workplace duties from employee relations to workplace safety and talent acquisition. With such a range of responsibilities, hiring the right HRO’s is critical for a company to properly train, manage, and expand it’s employees’ capabilities. Companies can struggle to recruit talented new employees in the modern age due to the data age job market and many companies are turning to specialized professionals that can focus the energy and resources on finding the best quality candidates for HRO positions and allow the company to focus on industry-specific tasks and growing their company and profits.

1. Y Scouts
Y Scouts is an innovative organization dedicated to providing not just quality candidates to companies and organizations but providing the right quality candidates tailored to each client’s needs. They have a strong focus on talent while incorporating skills such as communication, education, and teamwork as well as mentalities such as gratitude and dedication. Finding solutions through real human connections is what Y Scouts does best, boasting clients from small family-owned businesses in need of a single HRO to multi-billion dollar organizations in need of entire departments.

There was a time when it was only about the resume when searching for a leader. Y Scouts has literally redefined executive recruiting to assure we have the right leader driving the bus.
-Ann Rhoades, Founder/CEO, People Ink & Former Chief People Officer, Southwest Airlines

Y Scouts has dedicated their efforts to connecting millions of candidates to meaningful employment within the next 5 years by focusing on aligning the purposes of employees and organizations with proven leadership.

2. Korn Ferry International
Korn Ferry has worked to innovate executive search and recruitment since 1969, working closely with clients and candidates to build solutions for companies and employees alike. They strive to acquire talent and leadership within their own organization to better serve the needs of clients and their own employees, leading them to be one of the highest income search firms in the world.

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